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Lectures and Exercises

Course Materials
Lectures and Exercises (HISLSF)
Seminars (HISLSF)

Graduation Theses

Theses Topics

  4D Imaging
  Color Processing in Movie Cameras
  Sensitivity Analysis in Inverse Problems
  Tracking of Chemotactic Cells
  Mathematical Models of Swarm Behaviour
  Mathematical Models of Intracellular Transport
  Mathematical Models of Cell Polarization
  Optimal Control of NTCP Models in Radiation Therapy


Ongoing Master Theses

  Mara Klose: Models for Vasculogenesis
  Ulrich Hartleif: Ambrosio-Tortorelli Models for Non-Gaussian Noise
  Karolina Weber: Models of Cargo Transport by Molecular Motors
  Christina Blanke: Models of Cell Blebbing
  Malte Hebing: Mean-Field Games with non-separable Hamiltonian
  Jonas Hoppe: Anatomical Prior Information in Optical Tomography


Ongoing Diploma Theses

  Johann Niessen: Performance Evaluation of TV Minimization Algorithms
  Karolina Jäger: Models of Cell Blebbing
  Stefan Penava: Hydrodynamics of directed interacting particles


Ongoing Bachelor Theses

  Katja Krupp: Diskreter Optimaler Transport
  Florian Schacht: Expert Regularizers
  Bastian Quebe: Robust and Sparse PCA
  Jonas Geiping: Segmentation with Self-Repelling Snakes
  Fjedor Gaede: Image Segmentation
  Pascal Barallon: Models for Crossing Pedestrian Flows

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